Who we are.

Back in 1986, Allen Butler started a rock band called Izzy Epstein. (Incidentally, that's how he got the nickname.) Making music was his passion, but recording studios were expensive in those days, so he launched his own. The studio was called Schnebly Hill Recorders, and he used it to record his own and friend's bands. Over the years, the studio began to offer video production and photography, podcasting services, Web development, and voice over digital media. The name was changed to Schnebly Hill Media to reflect the more diverse offerings. We still have all the recording studio equipment though!

Although our creative focus has changed to embrace all aspects of digital media, we're still in business to help others create something lasting. We thrive on business building and marketing. We eat, sleep, and drink business, and we use that passion to help others. We'd love to talk more with you about helping you grow your business with digital media and content marketing strategies!

Allen "Izzy" Butler

Managing Director

Johnny Mac


Angela Voita

Art Director

Hayden Cole

Media Intern


Professional photography is something that every business needs. It might be staff profile portraits, architectural shots of your elegant office space, product photos, sleek lifestyle marketing images, or event photos. Yup. We can do that.

Video Production

Think video marketing is either too complicated or too costly for your small business? With traditional agencies and production companies, it is! We generate quality video content for WAY less than you'd expect. How does less than $500 sound? Yup. We can do that.

Social Media

Are you "boosting" Facebook posts, hoping for "organic" results, or paying thousands for social media marketing, but are not sure what you're actually getting except an invoice? Get real, verifiable SALES, and not just vanity metrics. Yup. We can do that.

Web Development

Is your Web site a business card floating in outer space somewhere? If it's not actually generating sales, it's not doing what it was meant to do! We can generate awesome content for your site, or build you a completely new one. Yup. We can do that.

Podcast / Voice Over

If you'll remember from up above, we started out life as a recording studio. Well, we still have all that equipment, and we're putting it to good use! Been thinking about setting up a podcast? Need to get some voice over work done on your cool video project? Yup. We can do that.


Just starting out, or looking to take your business to the next level without much in the way of budget? Yup. We've done that too. That's why we offer consulting services. For a small hourly fee, we can help you create a marketing strategy that works, and that you can do yourself.