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How to Use PIXLR to Resize an Image for Web Use

In Marketing Photography, Social Media Marketing, Web Development by Allen Butler

To resize an image with PIXLR: first, upload an image or point PIXLR to the URL of the image you want to resize. Next, click the IMAGE menu drop-down and select “IMAGE SIZE”. Tell PIXLR what your desired image dimensions are, and hit OK. Finally, on the FILE menu drop-down, select SAVE. Play with the Quality slider and watch below for your target save size.Adjust to taste and hit OK. Save your file with the name and location desired, and you’re done!

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5 Realistic Benefits Of Video Marketing for 2019

In Video Marketing by Allen Butler

Undoubtedly, many of the promises made by video marketing gurus are pure hype. However, if we have realistic expectations of what video really can do for our business, and we’re committed to an actual marketing game plan in which video plays a part, the results can be stunning. Here is our updated list for 2019 of 5 things that video really can achieve for your business with deliberate and careful implementation.

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Educate Senior Living Web Site Visitors Using Media-Rich Content

In Marketing Photography, Video Marketing by Allen Butler

Getting potential clients to visit your Web space is absolutely critical. Getting them to stay there is life and death. What are you offering your guests that will make them want to kick off their shoes and stay awhile? Pictures and videos of your beautiful campus? Great. They’ll want to see that. Video testimonials of current residents extolling the virtues of your community? Awesome. Nothing builds confidence like actual user reviews. But what about education?