Architectural Photography at Grandview Terrace

In Marketing Photography by Allen Butler

Video-GifSun Health’s Grandview Terrace community in Sun City West will be getting a major renovation in the coming months, and Schnebly Hill Recorders LLC has been tapped for the job. Architectural Photography at Grandview Terrace began a few weeks ago, and we can show you some of the preliminary images of the first floor of the building.

From what we’ve been told, the entire first floor of the building is being renovated and this includes the entrance being moved to the opposite side of the building! This is a serious remodel of more than 10,000 sq ft of commercial space, and the construction will undoubtedly take several months.

Schnebly Hill will conduct Architectural Photography for all phases of the reconstruction process, including photographing the building before construction begins, taking photos intermittently during the construction process, and doing all new marketing and promotional architectural photos after the remodel is completed.

Since the Grandview Terrace is an occupied residential structure, the architectural photography needed to take place during a time when there would be no people moving about the building. Interior architectural photography, as you may know, involves rather slow camera shutter speeds, and moving objects in the frame will streak and move about the images. For this reason, the photography had to take place very early in the morning, while the residents were snug in their beds!

Myself, and my production assistant, John, were scurrying around this massive structure in the wee hours of the morning, trying to capture the rooms, with as little light pollution as possible from the sun coming through windows. There is a delicate balance between ambient light from the “set” lighting, and the ambient light outside the residences.

Sometimes, the color balancing was an absolute nightmare, as there are many strong tungsten lights, with amber lamp shades, as well as yellow or sandy-colored walls. Throw in large windows and sky lights, and you have a recipe for an orangish-blue night terror.

We’re hoping that part of the renovations include daylight colored light bulbs!

Below are some samples of the way the Grandview Terrace looks as of now. We’ll keep you updated on progress!
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