Family Portrait Fun?

In Marketing Photography by Allen Butler

Family Portrait Fears?

I know that when I was young, my mom used to solemnly inform the family that is was “that time of year”. We were going to our local Olan Mills to get the annual family portrait. Not only was it not a good time, but I don’t think any of us every looked very flattering in those family photos. Every year we got the same look, with the same background, and everything just felt. . .stilted.  The family certainly wasn’t having fun, and it didn’t seem like the photographer was particularly pleased either.  If you are approaching that time for your family, consider doing something different this year! Consider a fun Family Portrait!

Now, when I say Fun Family Portrait, I do not mean going into your local photography studio in a clown suit, or dressing in western garb, or even taking your Halloween costumes with you. What I mean is, dress in your regular clothes, plan a fun day with your family either at home, at a park, or even at an event. Then, bring your professional photographer along with you.

Family Portrait Fun!

Arizona Family PortraitRecently, Schnebly Hill Media was called upon to photograph a family. The event was planned as a family get together. Grandma and Grandpa were there, as were the kids and grand kids. Three generations creating memories. It doesn’t really get more relaxed and meaningful than this. The family simply “hung out” with only minimal staging and direction from us as photographers. We really wanted to capture the family interactions with as little interference as possible. The grand kids were playing on swings, feeding birds, swinging in a hammock, climbing trees. . .doing what kids do. The adults were talking, laughing, playing with the kids. . .just being themselves.

The result is, the family got to have fun together and build memories, and we as photographers got to simply capture a moment in time that can be remembered and reflected upon for generations to come. This is the value of Fun with Family Portraits, and why you should consider planning a nice day with your family, and bring a professional photographer along. The stress and discomfort of getting everyone ready, making sure they’re wearing matching uniforms, having hairs plastered firmly into place, and taking a car trip on family portrait day can become a time of rest, relaxation, and quality time. If you’d like to schedule a family portrait day with Schnebly Hill Media, we’d love to hang out with you for awhile, take some pictures, and provide you with documentary evidence that proves you look good, you feel good, and you enjoy time with your family!  Give us a call today to schedule your fun family portrait!