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Canyon Springs Dental: Integrity and Service

In Marketing Photography by Allen Butler

Dr. Jeffrey G. Wellman, DDS, of Canyon Springs Dental in Surprise Arizona has been my family’s dentist for almost 13 years. When I first moved to Surprise about 16 years ago, I began looking for medical professionals to handle the family’s needs. The children need to have regular checkups, and the occasional cavities rooted out, etc. In fact, it was because I had received a price proposal from a competing local practitioner that I sought out a second opinion. I found Dr. Wellman’s quote for the services to be FAR below what had been given me by the other doctor, and Dr. Wellman’s “bedside manner” was also far superior. Since that day, I have continued to be impressed by his clerical staff, dental hygienists, and especially the good doctor himself.

Over the years, Dr. Wellman and his staff have continuously surprised me with their integrity, ethics, and service in all areas of practice. I can always feel very confident that, when someone I know is complaining of a tooth problem, I can send them to Dr. Wellman, and he’ll treat them well, so well in fact, that I have become one of his biggest advocates.

About 10 years ago, I had an employee who had excruciating tooth pain, and needed immediate help. I sent him over to Dr. Wellman, and within 24 hours I got a call from the employee raving about how awesome Dr. Wellman was. The work needed was done quickly, with little pain, and for a very reasonable cost. Another fan.

Dr Jeffrey Wellman DDS-2Just today, this performance was repeated, and I felt compelled to share this story, and to tie it in with a larger narrative. More on that in a moment. . .

I got a call today from one of my cousins (there are so many of them, I don’t even know all their names!). She was terribly upset because she needed a bridge done, and had been quoted almost $7,000 for the work, and was under terrible stress due to this seemingly insurmountable financial burden. She was asking me if I knew a good dentist. Indeed I did. I told her that I would call Dr. Wellman to give him a heads up, and that she should call him in a few minutes, and I gave her the phone number to Canyon Springs Dental. Wendy, one of Dr. Wellman’s excellent staff members, knew exactly who I was (that’s always nice), and promised to be on the lookout for my cousin, and that they would take good care of her.

I do not exaggerate to say that it was literally less than two hours later that I received a call from my cousin. She was absolutely elated and relieved. Not only had Dr. Wellman and his staff gotten her into the office in that short period of time, they had assessed the issue at hand, provided her an appointment for tomorrow (before their first scheduled patient!) and had provided a quote that was literally a fraction of the cost quoted by the other practitioner.

I was absolutely stunned. This is what you want to hear when you refer business to a trusted partner. You want to be assured that when you refer someone, they’ll be treated as family, treated as they themselves would want to be treated by others.  I know with certainty that I can always refer anyone who needs a good dentist to Dr. Wellman of Canyon Springs Dental. They’re just that good. How refreshing.

And this brings me to my main point. In anything you do, if you’ll treat people with honesty, integrity, fairness, and with the attitude of a servant, they’ll become your biggest advocates. You always want your clients and customers to feel that they’ve been treated with dignity and fairness, and that perhaps they came out on the “good end of the stick,” so to speak. In a world where “turn and burn” has become the norm, treating people well ALWAYS pays off big dividends. I doubt very much that anyone who has used Dr. Wellman’s services would ever go anywhere else. We strive to do the same with the clients we serve at Schnebly Hill Media.

With the number of happy clients that we currently serve, and the number of referrals that we receive from them, I am confident that we’re on the right track. If you’re reading this, go and do likewise! Service and integrity always pay off.