High Key Commercial Photography

In Marketing Photography by Allen Butler

What, exactly, is “high key” lighting, and why is it used so much in commercial photography? Essentially, high key lighting is used to create bright, airy feeling photos that have very little shadow or drama.  This creates a look that makes the viewer feel that your product, company, or place of business is new, fresh, clean, well-organized, and perhaps fun.  If your product, service, or place of business is not about mood, ambience, drama, beauty, or a “look,” it’s likely that high key photography is the right look for your firm.  If you provide service to the public, you’ll want your employees to look well-groomed, professional, organized, and happy.  High key commercial photography creates this effect.Senior Living Photography--Sara Dean In a recent session, Schnebly Hill Media was tasked with creating a new branding campaign for a health service firm’s human resources department, in order to recruit a talented and diverse work force. The firm wanted a high key look that makes working there feel fun and rewarding, while highlighting the well-maintained workplace and diverse employees. The photo session took place over 3 days, and was photographed at 3 of the firm’s facilities, with 3-5 scenes shot per facility. Various segments of their work force were highlighted, including maintenance, house keeping, medical services, registered nurses and CNAs, clerical staff, and therapists.  There were both interior and exterior scenes, as well as diverse lighting sets for each scene.  The resulting images needed to capture the environment of the work place, as well as happy service staff and customers. A few samples and behind the scenes photos of the session are seen below. The client was delighted with their images, and is currently curating the image selection for final retouching. If you or your firm are in the market for high key commercial photography, please let us know. We’d be delighted to offer a no-cost consultation, and explore how new, commercial photography can be a key part of your branding efforts. Allen Arizona Marketing Photography--Nicole