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Educate Senior Living Web Site Visitors Using Media-Rich Content

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Media-Rich Content

You’ve got your Google Ad-Words in place. You’ve Boosted your Facebook posts. You’ve established a strong social media presence that engages seniors, and they’ve begun to click through to your Web site. Congratulations! The finish line is in sight!  Wait . . . you thought that was the finish line?  Without media-rich content, your Web visitors will not stay long!Media-Rich Content for Senior Living

This is where many senior living marketing experts will fall short. Getting potential clients to visit your Web space is absolutely critical. Getting them to stay there is life and death.  What are you offering your guests that will make them want to kick off their shoes and stay awhile?  Pictures and videos of your beautiful campus? Great. They’ll want to see that. Video testimonials of current residents extolling the virtues of your community? Awesome.  Nothing builds confidence like actual user reviews. But what about education?  Are you answering the questions that they have?  If not, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity!  Media-rich content for your senior living Web site will keep your visitors on your site longer, and keep them coming back for more.  For example, look at this Web site called A Place For Mom. It has lots and lots of great content about senior living, but is not an actual senior living community. Imagine that someone in your city or state did a google search for “How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?” and google directed them right to your Web space, because you are a local provider, and your Web space has the most information for the visitor.

One of the most critical assets that a senior living community has is its sales counselors. These are your boots-on-the-ground soldiers, who every day confront common objections and come face to face with preconceived notions about senior living that must be overcome in order to secure a residency agreement.  They know the most commonly asked questions, the fears that people have, and the challenges that must be overcome to gain a client.  Utilizing the knowledge of your sales counselors in order to populate your Web space with relevant, user-friendly, media-rich content is so often overlooked, and is a costly oversight.  Potential senior living clients want information, and lots of it. Let’s give it to them!

First, get your corporate marketing and communications team together in the same room with your sales counselors. Key questions to answer are these:

1.) What are the most common questions clients want answered when they visit the campus?
2.) What are the most common objections that must be overcome before a meeting of the minds occurs, and a residency agreement is signed?
3.)  What are some common preconceived ideas that people have when confronting senior living?

Once we have identified these issues, we need to determine how are we addressing them in a one on one sales situation. How are our best sales people doing it? Are there key pieces of information that are found to be most effective? Identify what works, and how we can “bottle it”.

Now we need to figure out how we can present this information to Web visitors in a user-friendly, media-rich, informational manner.  Short educational videos that are broken down into common categories is a great place to start.  You might create a series of videos having to do with financial questions and concerns. Another might address issues surrounding maintaining independence in senior living. Be creative. Figure out ways to address these common issues in a way that seems offhanded, or even tangentially related.  Testimonial videos of current residents who shared the same concerns, and how they overcame them is particularly valuable.  Make sure when presenting these videos to your visitors that you also provide a transcript of the video for people who would rather read the information. This is also a really great strategy for securing higher page rankings.

Your potential clients are looking for information, and lots of it. If you don’t provide it, someone else will. Providing media-rich content made up of informative, helpful, user-friendly information is a sure-fire way to boost your search rankings, and keep your Web visitors coming back for more. Below is an example of media-rich content in the form of an educational video showing why a resident feels so strongly about the senior living community she has chosen.

Schnebly Hill Media are content marketing specialists with an area of specialty in senior living.  If you’re interested in making media-rich digital content for your Web space, give us a call. We offer high quality bulk video packages that enable you to make LOTS of great content for low prices. It’s less expensive than you think!

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