The Arizona Craft Brewer’s Guild is a trade organization representing niche craft beverage businesses from all over Arizona.  They were looking for a way to bring more value to their membership, and they had an amazing opportunity right in from of them. Every year, the guild holds a brewer’s conference and expo, where professionals from all over the industry present business-specific breakout sessions about marketing, sales, brewing tech, and more. They just needed to capture it and put it online for their membership to access.  They contacted Schnebly Hill Media to help them capture this amazing content and present it online to their members.

For the last few years, Schnebly Hill Media has been capturing these live presentations and helping the organization present them online to members. This has added real value to the organization’s membership community, and is helping them to build out their offerings and client roster.

For more information about the Arizona Craft Brewer’s Guild and their ongoing efforts to support local industry, please visit them online, and sign up for the events next year!  Arizona Craft Brewer’s Guild.

If you’d like to talk more with Schnebly Hill Media about having us help you with your trade show, conference, or exposition, let us know!

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