Benevilla is a wonderful philanthropic organization offering help and support for families and individuals from all walks of life, in all age groups, from child care to older adults with dementia. They operate Birt’s Bistro, Wirtzie’s Preschool, and so many more excellent services. They also have a longstanding partnership with Schnebly Hill Media, where we help them with their video production and marketing photography needs. They rely on the financial support of individuals and organizations to offer their amazing services, so Schnebly Hill Media creates emotionally compelling videos for them to showcase the amazing work they do in the community. We also create their custom photography materials to help them reach their target demographic for both their supply side and their client side operations.

Check out the awesome work that Benevilla is doing in our community, and reach out to Schnebly Hill Media to find out how we can help your marketing efforts today!

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