Bottom Line Faith is a subsidiary of Truth at Work, which is an organization that fosters and promotes Christian ethics in the workplace.  Truth at Work reached out to Schnebly Hill Media because their CEO Ray Hilbert was coming to Arizona to interview the general manager of the Kansas City Royals, Dayton Moore. They needed a reliable production team to film an hour long interview between Moore and Hilbert, plus tour the spring training camp and capture b-roll of the Royals players and management staff for the production.

We set up a standard 3 camera shoot with lighting, sound capture, and b-roll filming that took the better part of a day. Transferring the amount of data that was generated was quite a task for our ISP, but we got the whole job done within 3 days, and Bottom Line Faith and Truth at Work were delighted with our attention to detail, the quality of our work, and the efficiency with which we tackled the task.

If you are an out of state company who needs a local production crew, we’re delighted to help! Just reach out to Schnebly Hill Media, and we’ll get right on it!  Take a look at the Bottom Line Faith page for more information about their fine organization.

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