AZ Food Photography--Chef Panda
Chef Panda is a small Chinese food restaurant located in Surprise, Arizona. The restaurant is owned and operated by Patrick Lee and a handful of employees and chefs. They’ve got great food and a loyal client base, but they needed to step up their marketing game. They were previously relying on printed flyers and a periodic posting on Facebook by one of their staff members. Working with the owner and the executive chef, we were able to formulate a plan to get things rolling! We wanted to do some new food photography, update the Web site, start running Facebook ads with targeted demographics, and establish an email marketing campaign for exiting clients. This would bring them into the digital age, and help them reach existing clients while securing new ones.

I’m happy to report (and so is Patrick!) that our plans were a success, and we’re still helping Patrick and Chef Panda secure new clients today! If you’d like to get some great Chinese food in that area, try them out! Chef Panda Website.

If you’d like to get new clients into YOUR restaurant and explode your growth, reach out to Schnebly Hill Media. We can help!

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