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Corporate Video Is Crucial to Marketing

In Video Marketing by Allen Butler

Corporate Video of RestaurantCorporate video is crucial to marketing success.  Schnebly Hill Media specializes in corporate video creation and distribution strategies. Now, most film-makers might say that while they do a lot of corporate work, and it pays their bills, their real passion is creative works. They want to do art films, music videos, documentaries, short films, and maybe, someday, work on a feature length film. I can honestly say that this is not true for our team at Schnebly Hill. Not only is corporate video work our bread and butter, but it’s truly enjoyable! We love meeting new people all the time. Working with people is a passion of mine. Interacting with others is what drives me.  Helping people grow their business is my passion. Corporate video production is crucial to a business’s marketing success.

I was an audio engineer for almost 15 years, and that job is almost exclusively about meeting with an individual or group, listening to them speak about their vision for their creative work, and helping them to create that vision. I also was a teacher for a number of years, and it was the same thing. Working with students to help them realize their educational potential. Watching them grow intellectually, physically, and emotionally.

This same set of parameters drives me when it comes to shooting corporate video. I know what it is to be a business man or woman, attempting to grow your audience, capture market share, expand your sphere of influence, attract new customers, and build your client base. This is not an easy thing to do. I have done it successfully a few times in various business ventures of my own.

It starts with an idea. That idea, (if it’s a good one) starts the same way for any good business. The idea starts with Senior Living Photography--Sara Deanpeople. The business owner’s idea is usually based upon the desire to make someone’s life easier, solve some problem they have, eliminate clutter in their lives that can free them to pursue other passions, etc.  The restaurateur wants to please his or her customer with excellent food, in a comfortable environment, at a price that is affordable. A doctor or medical practitioner wants to take away people’s discomfort, pain, disease. If serving others is the foundation of your business, you’ve got a solid foundation. If making money is the foundation of your business, you will struggle.

This is not to say that a person cannot make money as their primary objective in business. It is just not fulfilling. It does not satisfy the soul. It is not “generative,” in that it does not promote the welfare of others. This is where fulfillment comes from.

So, what does all this have to do with how corporate video is crucial to your marketing success? Everything!

When you create a corporate video, you’re given a unique opportunity to speak directly to your client base, or your potential client.  A corporate video is a crucial element in educating a client about a need they weren’t even aware of. A corporate video can highlight your area of expertise. Corporate video can explain to the client or customer directly, what separates your firm from the competition. It can demonstrate to the client your unique knowledge-base or specialty, and why they benefit from that specialty.

Now, while I do believe in the absolute importance of corporate video, let me dispel a myth that many hold. You cannot create a beautiful, well-produced video for your corporation or firm, place it on line (your web-page, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and expect anything to happen! This is not how promotion works on the Web. I’ll ask a question here that should provide a self-evident answer: “Why is Google, a simple internet search provider, a gigantic corporation?”  It’s because they give people what they want, when they want it, with little fuss. This goes right back to our discussion on your business philosophy, and why corporate video is crucial.  When you want information, where do you go? Google, of course! Even the word “Google” has come to denote looking, searching, exploring. Google has made it possible for anyone in the world to find out what they want to know, with just a few button pushes.

Now, if Google were not good at what they do, you might, when searching, come up with search results that are irrelevant, out of date, or that have a little bit of information, but not enough to satisfy you.  Google makes sure that doesn’t happen. Google makes sure that when you’re looking for information, you are provided with a series of Web sites that consistently provide high quality, up to date, accurate, and complete information. This is why they’re the number one search provider in the world.  And you need them. Badly.

Senior Living Photography--Chuck CassadaHowever, if you have a Web page with a corporate profile, staff profiles, a mission statement, describes the services you offer, and has one video, you are not likely to experience Internet marketing success. Your web page must be constantly updated with new, relevant information. You must establish yourself as the “local expert” by providing data. Lots of it. The more the better. This is where the importance of corporate video comes in. Video is much more powerful, in our modern world, than the written word. This may or may not be unfortunate, (depending upon your perspective) but is nonetheless true. Why do you suppose that YouTube is such a HUGE phenomenon?

An individual can learn about any topic they desire on YouTube. I affectionately call it YouTube University, because a person can literally become educated, to a high degree, on YouTube, for free! I personally believe that every corporation, business, non-profit, or even hobbyist should have a well stocked YouTube page to explain their passion for their work. I personally have FOUR YouTube pages that explore and explain my passions to an ever-growing audience.

Corporate video is crucial to reach this audience. The benefits are tremendous in comparison to traditional methods of marketing. Corporate video handily defeats direct mail marketing every time. Television and radio ads? Forget it. Incredibly expensive, and ephemeral. When you launch your corporate video promotions into the world wide web, they NEVER go away (unless you want them to!). They are ALWAYS out there, generating interest, building audience share.

Many businesses have come away with the conclusion that corporate video production is cost prohibitive. This certainly CAN be true, if you’re using the wrong video production firm! There are video production companies, as I mentioned, whose passion directs them to artistic endeavors, and corporate videos pays their bills. That is why they must charge so much. They’re using YOUR firm to pay for THEIR passion, and it’s NOT corporate video!  Corporate video is crucial to your success, and that’s why you need someone on your team who’s passionate about corporate video!

At Schnebly Hill, we’ve created a pricing structure that enables even the most humble start-up to create video series, not just a video.