Corporate Video Scripting

Corporate Video Scripting

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The Importance of Corporate Video Scripting

Corporate Video ScriptingCorporate video scripting is foundational to the success of your video project, whether the film contains actual narrative or not. It does not matter if your firm is creating testimonial, general agency, or explainer videos; the script of your video will cause your audience to tune in, or tune out. Corporate video scripting is one of the most vital parts of your video pre-production processes. Unfortunately, this task is not really something you can delegate entirely to your video production contractor. A good video production team can certainly help you, and may even work closely with you to create your corporate video script, but no one knows your business, or your customer’s needs like you do.

A great place to start with creating an effective corporate video script is to get your sales and marketing team together to brainstorm ideas. You’ll need to identify your target audience, the need they have, and how your firm can meet that need.  Another way to look at it might be to identify your target audience and the action that you’d like them to take as a result of watching your video. Always keep the end result in mind when starting your corporate video script.  By identifying what you want from your potential client, and working backwards from this standpoint, you can build your message.

Let’s take a look at a few bullet points that might be used to create a script for a fictitious insurance agency.

Sample Bullet Points for a Video Script

Swindle & Crouch Insurance Agency
Corporate Video Script
Revision 1.2

Target audience:  single owner-operator to small firms, who do not currently have business insurance.
Emotional target: vulnerability.
Target action:  contact us by phone, or fill out our on-line needs assessment page

Possible objection #1:  “Business insurance is expensive.”
Possible objection #2:  “Our firm is not really big enough to need business insurance.”
Possible objection #3:  “My existing homeowner’s or auto insurance will cover me.”

Overcoming objection #1:  Business insurance for a small firm can be purchased for as little as $24 per month for a $1,000,000 policy.  A small business insurance policy will cover your firm and valuable assets in the event of a work related injury, property damage, theft, or damaged equipment.  This is peace of mind you can’t live without.  

Overcoming objection #2:  If your firm interacts with, provides a service for, or offers a product to the public, you are already exposed to liability.  A small business insurance policy will protect your firm and assets from litigious consumers. 

Overcoming objection #3:  While many believe that existing homeowners and auto insurance policies will cover business activities, this is very rarely the case, and may in fact, opening you up to additional liability in filing a business-related claim.  If you file an auto insurance claim for an accident involving a vehicle used for business related activities, not only is it likely that your claim will be denied, you may even be committing insurance fraud.

The example “brainstorming” session above is a good starting point for creating a corporate video script. We’ve identified the target audience, the intended emotional impact, and the course of action we wish them to take.  Next, we’ll need to work out a few key paragraphs that would present this information in an impactful, attention-grabbing way.  Take a look at the corporate video script format below to see how these brainstorming notes can quickly turn into a compelling script.

Sample Video Script Layout

"Business insurance is expensive."Corporate Video Script Image 1Single owner-operator in home office shares a common objection. Spoken with some uncertainty.
"Our firm is not really big enough to need business insurance."Corporate Video Script Image 2Small business owner in office or store-front shares another common objective. Again, uncertainty is evident.
"I think my existing homeowner's or auto insurance will cover me."Corporate Video Script Image 3Small business owner in or near work truck shares third objection. Uncertainty is unveiled.
"Business insurance for a small firm can be purchased for as little as $24 per month for a $1,000,000 policy." Corporate Video Script Image 4Owner of insurance agency corrects mis-perceptions. Instills confidence.
"A small business insurance policy will cover your firm and valuable assets in the event of a work related injury, property damage, theft, or damaged equipment. This is peace of mind you can't live without." Corporate Video Script Image 5On screen graphics used to demonstrate complex idea, or explain further.

Getting Started on Your Corporate Video Script

Using the layout and examples above, you can begin to see how a basic corporate video script is created, and how to get ideas to flow more freely. Start by identifying who your potential viewer is, what their need is, and how you can emotionally connect with that need. Then show that you can meet that need.  If you can address these key components, you’ll have an effective corporate video script on your hands, and this is a big step in the right direction for your corporate video.

Corporate video scripting takes time, patience, creativity, and practice.  It should be a group activity. Let your marketing and sales team share ideas, key phrases, attention-grabbers, client feedback, etc.  Working together, your team will be able to capture the essence of what your client needs, and how you can deliver that need. This is the root of an effective corporate video script.

If you need help with your corporate video scripting, please contact Schnebly Hill Media. Even if you do not use us to create your video, we’d be delighted to discuss your project with you and share ideas for a compelling corporate video script. We’re here to help!